Miami Mergers – Heather & Tim Engaged

Miami Mergers

Miami Mergers

This couple, this session.  So much fun!  Heather was a bridesmaid in one of my beautiful 2016 weddings (Lauren & Mike)!  When Heather contacted me about shooting her wedding I was so excited and honored.  We immedatliey hit it off with a almost 2 hour phone conversation.  When she told me she wanted to do the engagement session at Miami University I was all in.  I didn’t know till later what a big deal it was to be Miami Mergers.  Tim and Heather met their first week of College at Miami University, during our session they took me around and showed me all the beautiful places on campus, their dorm rooms, Upham Arch (more about that below) and their very own marquee on the main drag on campus.

Did you know that 14% of Miami students end up marrying another Miami alum and that Miami University holds the world record for the most couples renewing their wedding vows? Guinness recognized this in 2009 during an Alumni Weekend. 1,087 couples participated, breaking the previous record of 624.

By the time the session was over, I knew I made two new lifelong friends, fell in love with the campus and was even gifted my own Miami t-shirt and mug as a souvenir from my awesome couple.  Enjoy these photos and keep an eye open for their upcoming wedding at The Pinnacle Golf Club this September.

(photo above) According to the Miami legend, “if you kiss your true love under the Upham Hall Arch, you will marry and the bond will never be broken.”[11]This may be the most famous of the Miami University legends. Related to the Upham Arch superstition is the term “Miami Mergers.” This term is used to describe a marriage between two Miami graduates.

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