Lindsay & Eric {Engaged}

I decided to changed things up a bit this evening and share an engagement session.  One thing I’ve noticed since becoming a photographer is how much more aware I am of not only sunlight, or light in general, but also in the change of seasons.  I can tell you when the spring blossoms happen or if you want yellow leaves or red leaves in the fall I know the exact park for that. Or if you are wanting the best sunset views in Columbus… I know where to take ya!  It’s been fun year after year discovering new locations and finding the best spots with the change of seasons.

Lindsay and Eric got married just this October (hopefully that wedding will make it to my blog once I get more caught up) but for now, I thought in the middle of this cold front Ohio is having, I’d share something completely opposite, season wise.  So enjoy this little taste of Spring… the good thing is that it will be here before you know it!


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